Chicago Area and St. Teresa of Avila Parish

Post Ice Age

Lakes, Rivers, Plains, Wetlands, Moraines

Native Americans

May 17, 1673

1673 Chicago history, Louis Joliet and Father Jacques Marquette in canoeLouis Joliet and Father Jacques Marquette, S.J. and five other men depart from Mission de Sainte Ignace on the Strait of Mackinac

June 17, 1673

Connecting through the Wisconsin River, the travelers discover the Mississippi River

September 1673

Joliet, Marquette and their donnes portage to the Chicago River, site of present day Chicago. Chicago recorded history begins.


American flag 1776The Chicago area becomes American


Jean Baptiste Point du Sable relocates to the area from Detroit

Jean Baptiste Point du Sable Andreas 1884


President Washington clears the Ohio Valley of Native Americans to open Northwest Territory to immigration, commerce and trade


Travelers moving along the shore of Lake Michigan connect with major trails:
Clark Street and Lincoln Avenue

February 11, 1835

Chicago incorporated as a town


Army Post joins Indian settlement at Armitage and Clybourn


Diocese of Chicago decreed by Pope Gregory XVI that includes entire State of Illinois


Chicago boundaries expand to Fullerton, 22nd Street, Western Avenue and Lake Michigan

October 8, 1871

Great Chicago Fire begins
Great Chicago Fire 1871


* Property in Hargood’s Subdivision acquired by the Archdiocese to establish St. Teresa Parish to serve German Catholics

July 17, 1889

2024 n clifton ave* Rev. Matthias Barth arrives to begin church building while residing at 2024 N. Clifton

May 25, 1890

Three story church and school dedicated at 1946 N. Osgood (Kenmore)

Sisters of Charily open elementary school

May 1, 1893

Columbian Exposition opens

May 5, 1893

Crash of financial markets and banks

October 28, 1893

Assasination of Mayor Carter Harrison


St. Teresa Parish Hall opens at 1950 N. Osgood


Finished school and convent dedicated

St Teresa Parish Chicago 1920 Prefire Buildings aerial view

November 19, 1939

50th Parish Anniversary celebrated:
These years included WWI, the Great Depression and concerns about another world war

1940 Onward

Changing neighborhood, culture and economy

March 29, 1959

Fire Sweeps through St. Teresa’s Church and School

March 4, 1963

New Church building celebrated on the corner of Armitage and Kenmore


New Parish Center opens


St Teresa Parish Chicago renovationRenovation of St. Teresa’s Church begins


St. Teresa’s Church renovation complete

Rededication – consecration – blessing – etc.

The Future

Continuation of outreach services and the building of our Catholic community