The St. Teresa’s 6:51 Club is a monthly social dinner club that meets after the 6pm Sunday Mass at St Teresa of Avila.  The idea for the name came from a parishioner more than five years ago and was picked up again in 2011 by another group from the 6pm mass.  The purpose of the group is to provide a way for parishioners at the evening mass to gather for fellowship and great food together.

Monthly volunteers prepare meals for the group and invite everyone at the mass to fellowship.  Menu items have included a Korean feast, steak and chicken tacos, Lenten soup meals, and special dinners made by the youth groups.  In the summer, 6:51 heads outside to grill!  Over the past three years many friendships have started at 6:51 and we hope that we will have many more fun times!

by Sara and Adam Hock

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