Giving Tree

Each year St. Teresa partners with St. Vincent De Paul Center to generously provide Christmas gifts for nearly 200 children in the Chicago area living at or near the poverty level.

Parishioners choose a tag off the giving tree set up in the church each November containing the name and age of a child along with a list of gift ideas. Over the following few weeks as Christmas approaches the area under the tree slowly becomes filled with toys, games, art supplies, and other gifts donated to help make at least one more child’s Christmas day special.

Just before Christmas, the gifts are transported to St Vincent De Paul Center for distribution.  Look for the giving tree in Church this November and help us expand this important ministry!

“Christmas in the Summer”

A parish annual tradition was initiated in the summer of 2011 by Max Moses, a husband of a parishioner, wanting to honor the memory of Isabella.

The parishioners bring gifts for children suitable for all ages during late spring to mid summer. The gifts are donated to University of Chicago Comer’s Children Hospital where the parish is able to bring smile and comfort to many children and help lift their spirits.

Although it isn’t Christmas, during 9 am mass around third Sunday of June, Christmas carols are sung to add to the Christmas in the Summer morning surprise.

Isabella Beatrice Pleyto Feliciano (June 25, 2001 – December 2, 2010), was a young parisher, who brought great a joy to those around her and through her love, courage, perseverance and selflessness showed people the true meaning of living as a Catholic. She was prematurely taken from life Christmas 2010 after a long battle with illness.

Isabella Feliciano

Isabella Feliciano