May we recall Father Matthias Barth who began St . Teresa Parish. A group of St. Michael parishioners who lived here asked to have their own Parish. People didn’t have cars in 1890! It was farther away. Public transportation wasn’t so easy.

They wanted a Parish and a School. So they began with the priest the Bishop sent here to begin in the middle of 1889. By the next Spring they began classes in April, 1890. The first of many Sisters of Christians Charity came to staff our School. Some returned. Our Principal, Sister Hildegarde, taught here many years ago. Sister Tekawitha who used to cook here was here three times. Sister Mary Celestine was here when Monsignor Adams was pastor.

Now we remember the part! We know that life has changed, that our community has changed and is changing again.

We lost a Church thru a fire on Easter Sunday afternoon, 1959 20 years ago. We have a new Church. We have a partly new School.

This Saturday, October 13, remember with gratitude all the people who built Saint Teresa and aided it thru the years, the founders and their descendents thru the years and especially all of our present parishioners.

Let us remember all the nuns of the 90 years. Some of you know them from having been students and parishioners. Let us especially remember our present nuns who love and serve us.

Let us remember all the priests who have lived and served here and those now here. Let us remember especially today Father Justin Laibach who just died a month ago, who built our Church and new School .

Let us especially say thanks to all the people who “Share” with us from thirteen parishes. We can’t say enough to thank them in this present time.

Let us thank the members of the 50/50 Club and many niany other benefactors!

Our words are not adequate!

May the Lord bless all.

1979 90th anniversary newsletter for St Teresa Parish Chicago