Cuisine du Coeur was conceived in 2010 when some of the parishioners involved with Loaves and Fishes met with the French Community to explore the possibility of joining forces to sponsor a French-themed fundraising dinner that would assist the parish with social outreach programs.

The response from the French Community was immediate and positive and the planning was underway at the first meeting. We chose the title, “Cuisine du Coeur,” or “Kitchen of the Heart” to underscore our purposes of working together in solidarity to benefit the parish and, especially, the many homeless persons that depend upon St. Teresa’s programs of food distribution and weekly meals.

To date, the parish has sponsored four “Cuisine,” events. Every year since inception, the events have had slightly differing themes but what has stayed constant is the “friend-raising” aspect of this now, yearly event.

Because of Cuisine, the French Community is now highly visible in the parish. New relationships have been forged through the “esprit de corps,” that develops as many come together to volunteer for the multiple tasks necessary to successfully launch Cuisine each year.

What began as a “one-time” event, is now highly anticipated each year and has a fixed place on the parish calendar.