St. Teresa of Avila’s support to two Haitian rural communities

by Christine Murray
Zanmi Lasanté PARIS founder and president – St Teresa of Avila parishioner

Since 2012, St Teresa and Father Frank have joined Zanmi Lasanté-PARIS, a French NGO active in rural Haiti alongside Partners In Health ( to complete two projects to ease the lives of 300 hundred rural families:


The reconstruction of St Rose of Lima, in Palmary, a chapel/community center, which also serves as a school for 100 children. St Rose of Lima has been inaugurated in April 2013. This building, earthquake proof, well ventilated, spacious and clear, is equipped with pioneering solar generators. Its total cost came to $66,000 US dollars, all spent in Haiti, of which $17,000  was donated by St Teresa.


Clear potable water presents a major Public Health issue especially when cholera, not endemic to Haiti, breaks out in epidemic proportions to rural Haiti in the crossroads town of Savanette.

Father Wilfranc, Catholic Pastor of St Yves, installed a purification unit, but water had to be brought by truck or by hand. No more, thanks to the generosity of Fr. Frank, we have completed a water adduction system, 1/2 mile long, with water storage tank, to brings spring water to this purifying station. Now 200 families have access to the clean water.

The total cost came to $24,000, $20,000 donated by Fr. Frank through the generosity of his friends from a suburban parish and his sponsors for the Camino.


$300 pledged in support of Art Project involving Chicago and Haitian school children with fund raising objectives for school meals in Haiti.

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