• Jason Krumwiede –  music director
  • Erin Quick – singer and substitute musician
  • Stacey Cunningham – singer
  • Donn DeSanto – bass player
  • Jerry King – drummer
  • Michael Favreau – woodwindist
  • Amy Orman – singer
  • Audrey Billings-Stone – singer
  • Marsha Wagner – singer

St Teresa has been a welcoming home for me for 13 years.  The sense of community and the feeling of a small town church really attracted me when I first came to visit as a substitute musician.  I love how I can spend my weekends sharing my talents and gifts with a community who really listens and allows me to help them with their prayer and praise.  St Teresa has been a home for my soul and also my musical gifts.  I am truly blessed.

The group that I work with all come from a busy music/theatre community but make time to put St Teresa in their schedule because of the amazing group dynamic and welcoming/appreciative community.

-Jason Krumwiede

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