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Origins of the Time of Your Life Event

by Bob and Ginny Wolff

We started attending St. Teresa of Avila Church in 1986.  After about two to three years we volunteered to help with the summer auction which was held at Goose Island.  We volunteered for about two years and the following April, the people who had run the auction asked if we would run it.

The first thing we had to do was ask Father John Hoffman if he wanted to continue with the event.  He had just been named the new pastor, but had not yet moved into the rectory.  Of course he wanted to continue.  As has always been the spirit of St. Teresa’s we had many volunteers to help.  For two years we ran the auction, which was held at Zum Deutschen Eck.  The third year we co-chaired the auction with other parishioners so they could run it the next year.  Each year the auction grew in both size and money raised.

After this the auction was changed to Summer in the City.  The first year Summer in the City was held in Lincoln Park with the auction as part of the event.

The event has continued to evolve and grow considerably over the years, and today goes by the name Time of Your Life.