The Body of Christ Taking Root

by Sharon Lindstrom

Overall, the thing that keeps me coming back is the community of St. Teresa’s – a living example of “the body of Christ”.  Having been raised Catholic and attended Catholic school, I had stepped away from the church many years ago, disinterested in the perceived structure and exclusion.  But I realized one day that I wanted a spiritual home – – besides the makeshift places of peace and discernment I had found (early morning or late evening on the lakefront was great for awhile!).

Looking everywhere BUT the Catholic church, I visited every denomination, even asking my Jewish friends to take me to Temple and inquiring of colleagues about Hinduism, Buddhism, you name it.

A very good friend told me about St. Teresa’s – wow, I had passed by the building a hundred times and didn’t notice it.

Fr. Peter Bowman and Fr. John Hoffman delivered amazing, humorous and humble homilies that stuck with me throughout the week and really made me think and reflect – and finally understand the messages from thousands of years ago that are still relevant for our everyday lives now.  So I kept coming back.

body of christ at St Teresa parishThat’s when the “body of Christ” took root – – seeing familiar faces week after week was so nice, even comforting.  When I missed a couple weeks, they’d ask where I was.  I looked forward to sharing in the community and the messages of the Mass with them.  The feeling of inclusion at St. Teresa’s through actions not just words really struck a chord.  When my firm imploded, St. Teresa’s was a haven to me and helped provide much needed perspective during a rough time.  When my best friend’s father passed, I finally understood what my Mom meant when she said she found “comfort” in the rituals of the Mass.  When traveling abroad, I began visiting the local Catholic church to experience community that transcended language barriers. And after many years, I am blessed with such amazing friendships with people met through St. Teresa’s.  It really feels like we’re all family at the table.  Family and friends who have visited have commented on how special St. Teresa’s is – and that’s after only one Mass!

I feel lucky to have found such a beautiful home at St. T’s.