Pete, Ryan, and Jane Ott

Finding My Spiritual Home at St Teresa’s

by Jane Ott

As a transplant from the East Coast, I had always felt that Chicago offered many great choices with regard to Catholic churches.  I used to go to many of the churches in Lincoln Park and even belonged to one for a couple of years.  Then, 15 years ago that changed.  I found my spiritual “home”! I felt like I had stepped on holy ground.  And the specialness of St. Teresa’s keeps growing and changing over the years.  There have been leadership changes and an altering of the parishioner base yet the same spirit prevails.  What spirit you ask?  Well, of course, the Holy Spirit!!!  The best phrase I can use to describe this incredible community is that it IS the Body of Christ.  We, as individual members bring a myriad of talents and gifts.  But it is only when we are joined with our sisters and brothers that these talents form truly spectacular works… works that bring us to the Kingdom of God.  We need only look at the great ministries of this parish to see the heart and will of its members and the face of God in its works.

Thanks St. T’s for providing a little slice of heaven for over 125 years to those whom have been blessed to be a part of your community.  May your spirit live forever!